Commonly Asked Questions and Rules to Follow!

1. Drink at least 80oz of water per day; anything added besides a lime/lemon wedge will not count towards your 80 ounces. For optimal results, drink half your body weight in ounces of water.

2. Walden Farms Salad Dressing and other zero calorie salad dressing is allowed on the plan.

3. The only vegetables that are considered free are: lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, peppers, red onion, celery, and tomato. Any other vegetables are counted towards your normal amount of 4oz per meal.

4. No beans are allowed except for green beans and they count towards your vegetable allowance.

5. Bread carbohydrate: should be about 60 calories per meal, which would be ½ of a “Lite Flatout”, 2 pieces of Melba toast, 5 Melba toast snacks, or 1 Grissini bread stick.

6. Salmon and tuna steaks are not allowed while on the plan, due to the high concentration of fat. Canned tuna packed in water is allowed.

7. Remember that all protein has to be 7% fat or less (93/7).

8. Do not take fish oil while on the program.

9. If you are on blood pressure meds and feel light-headed at all in the morning, you may need to have your medication adjusted by your primary care doctor. High blood pressure usually lowers while on the plan.

10. Alcohol and soda are not allowed on ChiroThin. It is recommended that you avoid diet soda and Crystal Lite.

11. Eggs are not allowed while on ChiroThin.

12. Propel Zero, Skinny Water, and Mio are allowed. However, they do not count as part of your regular water consumption.

13. Dairy-based coffee creamer and flavorings that contain calories are not allowed while on ChiroThin. Zero-calorie creamer and flavorings are allowed.

14. If you stay the same weight for 3 days in a row, please call the office. I will provide you with instructions on how to get you over that stall.